Bath Salts

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Here’s a bath salt recipe you home cooks will nail even better than Gordon attempting the Pad Thai!

But just not any salt, it’s Rrhoid Rage’s magnesium sulfate Bath Salts. When the hemorrhoids hit hard, there is a small space between your ass-exit and your gender fixtures that gets irritated, called the perineum. That can really exacerbate Uranus’s conditions and throw your twerk off alignment!

Following instructions on our Bath Salt’s sexy packaging, prepare the bathtub and get in with your birthday suit. Soak the jewels for a good 10-20 minutes to ease the irritation, and then withdraw to air or pat dry your privates. Apply our hemorrhoid ointment as a compulsory garnish and serve confidently!

If you like it braised, make a salt paste with vegetable glycerin and season your bloated cherries as your OTG relief. It’s delectable!

Interested? You can get all your ingredients here!

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