Medicated Flushable Wipes

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Post-poop ass getting chaffed with the softest wipe settings? We’ve all (I most of all!) been there. That’s a hemorrhoid nursery!

Emotions run high; you plead with intangible abstracts to ease your suffering. The loo goes red like the Nile when – Oh, I know what you were thinking! – there’s an algae bloom. But that is coming to an end with just a wipe!

Our Medicated Flushable Wipes have got all the essential numb-ass oils you will ever need after a devastating debate with nature. Not only do they give your crack the cleaning it deserves, but they also soothe & sanitize your neither’s irritated skin & stem the bleeding.

You’re welcome to dab some Rrhoid Rage Hemorrhoid Ointment to soothe your passage before the dump, but always follow up with our Medicated Flushable Wipes. It’s so easy, like a skin care routine!

Enough chit-chat; you have rrhoids, you need wipes! Buy them here!

Relieve Me!


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