Strawberry Tangerine Flavored Fiber & Magnesium Gummies

Fiber and Magnesium Gummies

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Pack: Single

If constipation is the only thing regular in your life, our gummies are meant for you! We crafted a hybrid gummy with fiber and magnesium that work together to make your poop regular instead of constipation. Oh, and the gummies also taste amazing! You’re welcome!

Pack: Single

Our gummies help you poop better 💩

✅ Assists With Digestive Health

✅ Helps Relieve Constipation

✅ Helps Prevent Hemorrhoids

Product Details

  • Magnesium Citrate: This is a very important aspect to our gummies and a major reason they work as well as they do. Over 80% of the American population is deficient in Magnesium. This ingredient is crucial for digestive health and relaxes the digestive tract to allow for better pooping!
  • Soluble and Insoluble Fiber: Our gummies have both types of fiber which is beneficial for digestion. Fiber helps soften and coat your stool helping it pass easier and with less strain. 
  • Superior Taste: Most supplemental gummies aren’t exactly winning any awards for flavor or texture. We take pride in our gummies taste and texture. It’s almost as good as eating candy.

Soluble Corn Fiber (soluble dietary fiber), Magnesium (as magnesium citrate), Cellulose (insoluble fiber), Glucose, Sugar, Water, Pectin, Natural Acids (Lactic, Malic, Citric), Natural Flavors, Fruit and Vegetable Juice (Color)

take at least one serving a day (2 gummies)!

Soluble Fiber

Soluble fiber is a prebiotic and absorbs water in the digestive tract to form a thick gel-like consistency.

Insoluble Fiber

Cellulose (which is the insoluble fiber in our gummies) does not dissolve in water and helps push food through the digestive system and supports regular bowel movements.

Magnesium Citrate

Helps with the magnesium deficiency dilemma and to also help relax the digestive system to move your poop along.

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Supplement Facts

Our gummies are proudly made in the USA and are:

✅ Gluten-Free

✅ Easy to Digest

✅ Contain No Artificial Dyes, Flavors, or Sweeteners.


Is taking gummies good for me?

Yes, fiber gummies are great way to help treat constipation and prevent hemorrhoids. Fiber helps regulate your BMs and make them easier to pass. They’re a great, and tasty, way to increase your fiber intake and get rid of constipation.

How many gummies should I take daily?

Take at least one serving a day (2 gummies)!

How long after taking fiber gummies will I poop?

This can vary greatly depending on who you are. However, it generally takes about 24 hours from increasing your dietary fiber intake to have a successful BM.

Does taking gummies have side effects?

Our fiber gummies are well tolerated and safe to take. Side effects usually consist of gas, bloating, and cramping.