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Do you know humans require around 21 to 25 grams of fiber in their daily diet?

Of course, you didn’t; you’re far too busy struggling on the loo on your keto diet or whatever the latest fad is.

Our bodies need fiber to sculpt ice-creamy poop. Too little or too much, and you’re in for expelling rocky road. All that praying to relieve you of your burden results in rectal tearing, eventual infection, & then the hemorrhoids debuting as internal bleeders or prolapsed swollen veins.

Ever popped a ketchup packet? Yep, that’s what’s it like.

Our Rrhoid Rage Fiber Gummies are an FDA-approved supplement to low-fiber diets and laden with magnesium to melt the heart of hard stools. If you have an aversion to fruits, vegetables, or poultry but are concerned about magical ‘vitamins’, then I’d suggest you get the gummies and hammer a tap to that keg!

Get your gummies today and make that poop come out, all the way!