How I Turned My Personal Suffering into a Business

How I Turned My Personal Suffering into a Business

I didn’t always have monstrous hemorrhoids. There was a time as a young lad when I had a beautiful boohole, free of painful prolapsed veins the size of grapes. Those were the good ole days. My ass problems didn’t start until I was a young adult in the Army. I’m not sure if it was all of the physically demanding activities or the MRE’s we constantly ate, or maybe both. By the time I left the Army, my sphincter was developing some major hemorrhoids.

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Like most men, I just ignored the problem. Eventually my hemorrhoids started getting so bad, it looked like one of those powerlifters you see on the internet who maybe chose to squat a little too much weight. I was constantly in pain and dreaded the toilet. My friends and family were all too familiar with my issue as I am a person with no shame.

One day, while enjoying a dinner with friends and family, we somehow got started on the topic of hemorrhoids. Of course, my circle of people love to make fun and laugh at my misery. They knew all too well how my ass terrors made me quite irritable. Someone jokingly said, “you should make a hemorrhoid treatment company and call it Rrhoid Rage.” It was a lightbulb moment for me. What was meant as a joke, I took very seriously. I immediately began brainstorming with my wife, brother-in-law, and sister in-law. We started coming up with marketing and design ideas. It was a long and stressful road for sure.

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Fast forward two years and we launched our first product; our own unique hemorrhoidal ointment. Given my rectal conditions, I’ve tried almost all of the over-the-counter hemorrhoid treatment products out there. Our Rrhoid Rage ointment is just as good if not better than all the others. Unfortunately, my ass was too far gone to be saved by mere ointment, I had to go get surgery. I don’t suggest anyone wait as long as I did to get proper treatment.

There you go, a true lemonade out of lemons story. Now go buy some Rrhoid Rage products and take care of your ass.